Clever it support

About us

I bet you know IT support can be provided mostly remote with the occasional onsite. MSPs without a doubt could have most of their personnel working remote while maintaining some staff at the office to be available for any onsite needs. At Clever IT Support we want to help maximize our client’s earnings by providing fully remote help desk technicians and system administrators at a fraction of the cost.

How does it work? Outsourcing of course!


Clever IT Support focuses on finding the right technician for the job. Because our technicians are from the Dominican Republic, we can provide our clients highly qualified technicians who are fully bilingual. Due to this, we can then turn around and guarantee the following benefits to our clients:

• Reduced expenses and overhead.
• Reduced risk as vacations, holidays, sick days, and unemployment are not paid by our clients.
• Flexibility.
• Focus on business development.



I was born in the Dominican Republic but had the chance of living in the U.S as well. While as a young adult in the Dominican Republic, I worked with various international companies from the U.S that where offshoring services such as technical support and customer service.

I quickly understood that the Dominican Republic had an extensive pool of qualified, educated and fully bilingual professionals. Moving forward, after 6 years of proudly serving as an Information Technology Specialist in the U.S Army I started working in MSPs. It quickly dawned on me that MSPs could take advantage of what I had experience back as young adult in the Dominican Republic. Clever IT Support understands that MSPs can gain immensely by leveraging their support personnel with remote help desk technicians and system administrators.

Let us together embark in this journey of overcoming huddles, reduce cost, and overall maximize productivity.