MSP Staffing

Our MSP Staffing solutions give managed service providers a way to provide technical support to their client through our highly qualified technicians. We understand that managed service providers want the best technician while also ensuring that they are a great fit to their organization. Great news, most of our technicians have a bachelor’s degree in system engineering or a degree related to IT, have multiple IT certifications, love technology, and have a strong background in customer support. Ready to talk? Contact Us.

The services that we provide MSPs are Help Desk Technicians (Tier 1), System Administrator (Tier 2), and After-Hours Technicians (Tier 1 or 2).


Help Desk (Tier 1)

  • Effectively track, monitor, and respond to communications from customers.
  • Fully help the customer troubleshoot their issue.
  • Offer accurate information about the product and suggestions for improvements.
  • Connect customers with a higher level of support if necessary.
  • Share customer feedback with leaders in the organization.

System Administrator (Tier 2):

Serves as the point

of escalation for Help Desk Technician (Tier 1).

Lead projects

or assist with projects

Identify and fulfill

an organization’s needs around computer systems.

Monitor and maintain

optimum network performance

Determine the cause

of network and server errors and takes the steps needed to fix them.

Answer questions

related to the computer system.

Issues upgrades

to the computer system accordingly to meet the needs of an organization


After Hours Technician (Tier 1 or 2):

  • Monitors incoming emails, calls, and voice mails.
  • Call’s customer to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.
  • Monitor incoming alerts and works on those alerts (ISP outage, server down, network down)
  • Effectively communicates with the emergency contact of the company having issues as well as with the IT team.