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High turnover and lack of technical talent, an MSP nightmare!

  • By Clever Support
  • 27 May, 2021

The challenge of finding technical talent and high turnover is something very real for most MSPs. In a competitive market it is tough for MSPs to retain their talent. In fact, according to a report from LinkedIn the sector with the highest turnover rate is the Technology Sector with a 13.2%. in 2017. Now, the technology sector remains one of the sectors with a high turnover rate, but why? Intense competition, low unemployment rates, shortage of talent, company culture, and lack of growth are just some of the reasons. In addition, MSPs are not only fighting other MSPs in the recruiting and retaining war, but also other companies looking to hire technical talent. Furthermore, Smaller MSPs might have even a larger challenge when it comes to retaining their staff have even a harder time. Our MSP recruitment solutions focus on solving these challenges.


  1. Company culture: The culture of an organization is now more important than ever. Employees tend to stay around when the values of an organization align with them. There are MSPs who truly understand the importance of finding an employee who is a fit. Most might even hire someone who is a better fit for the organization over someone who has more technical knowledge.
  2. Promote: Most technical talent love to learn and will grow. However, some organization fail to identify that an employee has grown and might be ready for higher position with more responsibilities. In fact, having a monthly personal development session with employees will show employees that there is an outline, and that the organization truly cares.
  3. Flexibility: Technicians enjoy working for a place that is truly flexible. Indeed, most MSPs agree that both technical issues and projects can be done mostly remote. However, some are relentless when it comes to providing their technicians the opportunity to work from home. Additionally, some MSPs even having the metrics and knowing that the technicians can perform at the same level will not agree to remote days.

Not all the MSPs will be able to adopt some of the advises mentioned above. MSPs are already in tough market where it is challenging to retain current client, and even harder to find new ones. Why? The amount of MSPs competing is huge. MSPs are finding themselves having to reduce their prices to retain their current clients, and to find new clients. Of course, this challenge alone is enough to understand why MSPs sometimes cannot promote, or perhaps have that company culture that would increase retention rates.

MSP Recruitment

At Clever IT Support we understand these challenges and know that we can assist. We provide managed service providers a way to provide technical support to their client through our qualified technicians. How does this help? By leveraging our team an MSP can reduce their cost immensely while still providing quality support to their clients. MSPs could easily turn around and promote their internal employees and implement new strategies to ensure retention.